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you've come face to face with transformation. Each service has been carefully designed to meet your style needs


Very flexible

Session is virtual

Includes two options;

-a one-off plan and

-a subscription based plan.


For one-day and short events be it a job interview, a photoshoot, a hot date, a vacation trip etc.

Event must be 5 days away, so there’s enough time for me to create magic.

Includes a 1hr video consultation call

Service Charge starts at $45 (35,000).


Price may go higher depending on the occasion, and if styling is needed for more than one occasion

Stylist On Demand

 $45 (35,000)


All you need is a session with me and I'll help you show up for your event, photoshoot, or interviews in an elevated manner that reflects your unique style and maintains your individuality

What does it entail?

Colour Analysis

What if i told you some colours were made specifically for your unique skin tone? The methods i use in these sessions will lead you to discover the exact colour that applifies your aura and personality, and help you shine effortlessly in your outfits whether simple or baseic

Sounds good? Here's what it entails:

This has two options;

1. The virtual 

-Here, i have two sessions with you 

-Both of these sessions will be virtual

-At the end of these sessions, i will provide you with a detailed guide on what your colours are, as well as the right colours to pair with them

-With this colour guide, you are sure to make more informed decisions as you pick out your outfits when shopping.

2. The in-person 

-Here, i come directly to your city and conduct a two-day analysis for you

-At the end of these sessions, i will provide you with a detailed guide on what your colours are, as well as the right colours to pair with them

-With this colour guide, you are sure to make more informed decisions as you pick out your outfits when shopping.


 $70 (50,000)



My Functional Wardrobe

Can you relate?

Your have a full wardrobe, yet you cant find something great to wear when you need to

You see a lovely piece on someone else, but when you buy the same thing, it doesn't look good on you. 

You turn down invitations to go out, because thinking of what to wear scares you. You've become an introvert by force.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? how about I help you change this by creating a functional wardrobe that  contains pieces best suited for your style so you are never at a loss for what to wear no matter the occassion

This process involves 3 intensive stages;

1) Closet declutter: the client declutters and groups items in their closet following a written guide of the stylist. This is to make sure that your Closet is as functional as possible.

2) Wardrobe prepping: this is where items left from decluttering are photographed and uploaded to a private gallery.

3) Handheld: Here, client and stylist have a video consultation, where the client tries out all the combinations of outfits created by the stylist.

Bonus: You get an image guide of the combinations of all your outfits, so it takes the burden of figuring out how to match your pieces off of you. You also get recommendations of any wardrobe essentials you need, to have a comprehensive closet.

 $130 (85,000)

The Total Diva

1.Color analysis: We would discover your most flattering colors and create your pallets


2. Face shape analysis: We would discover the most professional hairstyles for your face shape


3. Mindset shift


4. A done for you style guide, containing a visual representation of the best combinations of the outfits in your closet, for different occasions

At the end of this program, client will have a clear understanding of their unique body type, how to dress to flatter their body type


5. The art of disguise: This is aimed at disguising not hiding your ‘problem’ areas. Wether you have a big tummy, flabby arms, flat bum, whatever your insecurities are. We would be using style to get you your confidence.


Expected Results:

1.Client would have the confidence to show up fashionably in all aspects of their lives


2.Client will attain a polished professional image


3.Client will have an understanding of outfits they should wear and outfits they shouldn’t wear


4.Client will understand how to appear as an authority in their field


5. Client will understand their best colours, and how to combine them beautifully


Duration: This is a 4-5 weeks one on one coaching program

  that takes you through the 9 core aspects of personal styling and helps

you emerge as your most confident, stylish and head-turning self in only 6 weeks.

 A proven framework

 $45 (35,000)

Lady Boss


A Functional Wardrobe


Body Type analysis


A unique professional look guide for you, taking into consideration your personality,

and your niche


Creates outfit combinations for your professional looks


Image grooming: I will create a professional polished signature look for you


Customized outfit+hairstyle looks including a visual guide, so you are never at a loss when showing up online, or in networking gatherings, or confused on how to match outfits, or match outfits with hair and other accessories.

Website building + 3 months social media 


Bonus: This package comes with a free professional headshot styling


Duration: This process may take anywhere from 2-3 weeks


Expected results:


1.You will be able to attain an overall polished look


2. You will build the confidence to show up online/in professional gatherings or events, knowing that your appearance not only matches your expertise, but generally presents you as interesting and unique, and worth listening to.

As a coach, trainer, creator, How well does your presence speak for you even before you open your mouth? How eager are people to listen to you? Do you have all the systems in place to properly share, launch, and sell your knowledge? In the Lady Boss package, I give you a complete professional image upgrade. The aim of this is to give you an overall polished look, that reflects uniquely on their brand, establish an unforgettable online presence, and reinforces you as an authority in your field. This package includes:

 $45 (35,000)


me fly to you....


In-person Styling

I get it...

you want to level up your style and start presenting yourself as the woman who knows her worth, BUT THEN...

You are busy and do not have the time or patience to build your personal style via online meetings with a stylist. So, you would prefer to meet with them in person, and have them work closely with you, guiding you as you move through every stage of your style transformation journey.

If that is you, then the IN-PERSON STYLING has been designed for you

 $45 (35,000)

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

You deserve to feel confident, you deserve to be seen and respected. I want to help you achieve this with your style. 

Want to build & refine your style but have no idea where to start?

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