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An immersive 5-week Coaching Experience For the woman who is ready to experience a total transformation in her personal style and show up powerfully and authentically as her most confident and highest self.

to step into the reality of the woman you are called to be.

It's Time


How it started...



How it's going...

Let's Face it......

How you show up in the world as a woman is one of the most powerful determinants for the opportunities, rooms, and relations you gain access to. WHICH IS WHY IN 5 WEEKS, I WILL BE GIVING YOU MY MOST GUARDED BLUEPRINT TO ELEVATING YOUR STYLE, BUILDING YOUR CONFIDENCE, AND BECOMING A TOTAL DIVA.

What women like you are saying.... 

About The Total Diva Program

They got personalised style solutions tailored to their individual body type and lifestyle.
They saw an improved level of confidence and positive body image, are able to make informed and intentional wardrobe decisions as well as eliminate impulsive buying through detailed guidance.


Joké Pearl

Working with Olere was an absolute delight. She's professional, knowledgeable, and gets the job done. Would recommend her 100%.

Emy Udezi

Since having a baby, I’ve not had the time for myself and my appearance took a major hit. I noticed my clothes didn’t fit right even though I didn’t add much weight, I was confused and at some point, reluctant to go anywhere until I took her program. Her personalised look book, literally saved my life.

Yemisi Agoro

Before now, I just bought/wore anything I found that I thought would look good on me. Now I'm more intentional and I’m considering important factors like the cut, the fabric and the definition of my features. I've been unable to do any random "impulse buying" because I have a timeless guide now for what works for my body type. It was very detailed, very thorough and very enlightening.


5 weeks of my life"

I get it...

You don't know how to identify the clothes that look best on you.

You don't know how to properly combine your outfits in a way that they flatter your body type.

You don't even know or understand your body type. 

You hear the expression: "personal style" all the time but you are not even sure if you have one. You see very well dressed women online and in real life and you wish you could be like them, but you just don't know how.

You cannot create a consistent style, I mean  some days you get it right, some days your outfit is a miss.

You find yourself struggling to find what looks good on you. You see a lovely piece on someone else but when you buy the same thing, it doesn't flatter you.

You even start turning down invitations to go out, because thinking of what to wear scares you. You've become an introvert by force.

You just had a baby, and you are trying to get used to your post baby bod. You feel you've lost your style, nothing seems to look right on you. Maybe you gained a little bit of weight and you're struggling to feel confident and stylish in your new body

You feel completely invincible when you go out, people don't notice or pay you any compliments. And it's leaving you to wonder "am I unattractive?"

You want to dress well and show up well but you also don't joke with your comfort, and you're wondering how you can find pieces that are both comfortable and stylish

You feel you have a problem area, a big tummy, big arms, big thighs, and you are looking for ways to disguise these and still be stylish.

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The Total Diva Coaching Program

An immersive 5-week Coaching Experience For the woman who is ready to experience a total transformation in her personal style and show up powerfully, and authentically as her most confident and highest self.

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Imagine it's 5 weeks from now and...

you've got a wardrobe you are excited about 

You walk into a room and heads turn

You go out and get compliments and everyone's asking you where you shop​

You are suddenly feeling like yourself again, you are not afraid to go out, meet people, or have fun.​

You are feeling beautiful again. There's no passing day you don't get complimented for how well you dress.​

You suddenly have people gravitating towards you and eager to hear what you have to say.

You start receiving rare opportunities and invited to places you once considered exclusive to the 'big shots.'

You go and pick up your kids from school and their mates are asking 'is that your sister?'

You hardly turn down dates and invitations because you now have an evergreen wardrobe where you can always pick and choose from

These are the kind of results my clients regularly achieve with the Total Diva Group Coaching

Hear from a few of them:

"Ensuring my outfits are elevated has now become a priority, I’m a lot more conscious about my appearance once I’m stepping out of the house, thanks to the Total Diva program"



Here's What
You'll Get Inside The Total Diva Group Coaching Program:

Mindset repositioning, Full Body Analysis, Wardrobe optimization, Look book creation, and much more


Mindset Repositioning:

These sessions are designed to birth a NEW you. the goal is to help you change your approach to life and improve the way you see yourself. You’ll understand the place and importance of your personal style in your life, you will get a mindset change that will give you the confidence to show up as your best self.


Full Body Analysis:

I will be helping you identify your unique bodytype​, your face type, and help you discover your most flattering and polished hairstyles​ and your most flattering makeup look. I will be helping you discover your most flattering accessories (eg bags, footwear, jewelry, eyewear)


Wardrobe optimization:

I will help you categorize and optimize your wardrobe, so that it's as functional as possible and you only have pieces in it that you absolutely love


Look book creation

I will create a personalized look book from the outfits in your closet, so that you have a pictorial guide of multiple  outfit combinations in your closet. This way, you're never at a loss on what to wear.


Colour Pallets analysis:

I will be helping you discover your most flattering colours, and how best to combine them to fit your specific style personality


Weekly assignments:

You are meant to complete a series of assignments weekly. This is to ensure that you are properly equipped to create your most flattering looks

The Total Diva is for you if:

You are tired of the hit and miss with clothing and you want to know exactly what works for your body.


You are ready to own a wardrobe that saves you time and money.


You are tired of feeling invincible and going unnoticed even when you feel you’re trying your best to look good.


You have been feeling like you lost yourself and that you’re slowly losing sight of who you are.


You feel less attractive than you used to be and you are ready to change things.


You are a mom trying to juggle work, kids, home, and barely even has time for yourself or your looks.


You are a single woman who wants to show up confidently and have heads turn as she walks.


You are tired of feeling inferior when you walk into certain places and meet certain people. 


You don’t want your years to pass you by, you want to build the confidence you need to walk purposefully through life. 


You want to look and feel good again. 

However, the Total Diva is NOT for you if:

You are not ready to level up your style and switch things up this year

You do not believe in the value of coaching and personal development.

You aren't ready to put into practice what you will learn during the program.

You are not willing to participate in a group setting.


"Olere is passionate about transforming women"


In this program, I will work closely with you to:

Reposition your mindset and elevate your self image so that you finally shake off the feeling of inadequacy and insecurity about your appearance and become your most confident and authentic self.


Clarify and identify your unique body type in order for you to only shop the exact pieces that bring out the best you.

Identify the colours that best suit your unique skin tone and help you shine effortlessly as well as how to combine these colours beautifully.

Understand the step by step formula for discovering your unique style identity in order for you to show up in the world as your most authentic and most confident self at all times.


Understand the science of outfit combination for your unique frame so that you stand out in any setting or room you step into.


Guide you through my signature method for identifying hairstyles that accentuate your best facial features and teach you how to combine accessories for any occasion.

But that's not all...

The Total Diva Program Comes With...

A Vault of Video lessons.

A personalised mood board based on your body type, style personality and lifestyle.

Look book created from the outfits in your closet, so that you have a pictorial guide of multiple  outfit combinations in your closet. 

Weekly assignments: You are meant to complete a series of assignments weekly. This is to ensure that you are properly equipped to create your most flattering looks.​

A 60-day after care support from me and my team.

You Belong Here

This is how much change can happen in your style is 5 weeks

Why I do what I do? Because
I was once MY CLIENT


I've had my fair share of identity crises. I hid in the shadows and was never confident because I knew I could be more, but I just didn't know how. I saw and encountered good-looking women, and I just wished I could look like them. I thought it was because they had certain pieces of clothing, so I invested in clothes and bought lots of them. Like dopamine shots, that made me feel accomplished in a way, but it didn't last. 

The next week, you would still find me tirelessly looking for an outfit to wear because nothing seemed to work for long. The same outfit that I was so excited to buy one day became the same outfit that would stay in my wardrobe forever because suddenly, I didn't look great in it. 

I couldn't find a lasting situation

.... to the point where it made me feel less about myself and made me feel like I didn't have the right body. Even though I had watched videos on YouTube and tried a ton of DIYs, something was still missing.

This went on for years....

632D27A9-520A-4840-8E2C-AE848676C8C4_L0_001-23_07_2023, 18_45_50.JPG
Some years ago, while struggling with my personal style.

THINGS CHANGED the moment I decided to seek help from an expert. One thing led to another. I started looking into Personal Styling, and this changed the entire game for me. I began to understand that I was doing it all wrong. I started to understand my unique body type and why certain clothes never looked good on me. I realized that nothing worked because I was using someone else's template for myself. So, I started to understand how to create my unique polished looks, and ultimately, I created a unique Personal Style.


Finally found my style and feeling my most confident

Here's A Breakdown of Your Journey in the Total Diva



Body & Face Type Analysis


Style Identity/Personality Analysis


Colour Analysis


Wardrobe Re-structuring


Look Book Compilation


"I am now able to categorise my wardrobe and can now find my basics more interesting."

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?


If you join before 11:59PM on October 11th, you will get...



$200 Off on the group setting & $500 off on the One-on-One setting

Choose an investment that best suits

Your Preference



(Actual Cost)

735,000 Naira (+VAT)


(Early bird)

551,000 Naira (+VAT)


(Actual Cost)


3,213,000 Naira (+VAT)

(Early bird)


2,754,000 Naira (+VAT)



(Actual cost)

153,000 Naira (+VAT)


(Early bird)

138,000 Naira (+VAT)

Please note that you are obligated to complete payment even if you are unable to complete the programme.


Please note that you are obligated to complete payment even if you are unable to complete the programme.

You can also make a transfer

 Naira Account (550,800Naira)
NAME ON ACCOUNT: Olere Odiodio 

Payment Details


Meet Your Coach:


Hello! I am Olere Odior, a style expert and personal stylist with experience of nearly half a decade. I help women in Career and Business reach their full potential through creating/refining their personal style. Since no two bodies are the same, I use a combination of their unique body type, their personality and their lifestyle, to create a personal style they’d love, and feel the most confident in.  I have coached top female professionals across multiple sectors to build a style unique to them that showcases them as their best selves, accentuates their personality at their core, and presents them in the way they want to be appear.  I was named one of the ABCD Africa's 50 Most Impactful voices in Africa, I have been featured in the Guardian. My clients have unlocked and maintained top tier confidence in life and keep receiving premium opportunities because they are able to stand out and show up as women who know what they’re made of.


Now I want to help you achieve the same and even much more.


When Is the Total Diva Registration closing?

The registration windows close on the 15th of September 2023

Is this program right for me?

This program is for you if you are tired of the hit and miss with clothing and you want to know exactly what works for your body, own a wardrobe that provides you with the right outfit for any occasion, an upgrade to your confidence, and much more!

When do classes start?

Classes kick off on the 30th of September 2023

Do I need to shop for clothes for this program?

During the program, you don't need to shop for clothes. Stylist will work with pieces already in your wardrobe but upon completing the program, Stylist will draw up a list and make detailed recommendations regarding what ever pieces you would need to get, to give you a very functional wardrobe 

Got more questions?

Please send an email to Or click the link below to book a call.

Kindly note:

  • We won't put you under pressure to sign up for the session. If we don't think this is for you, we'll let you know.

  • These are discovery calls to talk you through the questions you have about the Total Diva. They are not coaching calls.

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