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Meet Emy

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April 2023

Emy Udezi is a successful Customer Success Expert and a past client of mine. Being a new mom who struggled to find her style again and just didn't feel like herself after having a baby, she decided to enroll for my signature program- The Total Diva Program.

During our time together, we dove deep into discovering her unique body and essence, her face shape, as well as optimising her wardrobe. We eventually created a functional wardrobe as well as a personalised look book that focuses on flattering and elevating her current body and figure.

Here's what she says at the end of the program:

"Since having a baby, I’ve not had the time for myself and my appearance took a major hit. I noticed my clothes didn’t fit right even though I didn’t add much weight, I was confused and at some point, reluctant to go anywhere until I took her program. Her personalised look book, literally saved my life."

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