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Meet Olere

Certified Style Coach & Style Expert

Time to come clean....

I've had my fair share of identity crises. I hid in the shadows and was never confident because I knew I could be more, but I just didn't know how. I saw and encountered good-looking women, and I just wished I could look like them. I thought it was because they had certain pieces of clothing, so I invested in clothes and bought lots of them. Like dopamine shots, that made me feel accomplished in a way, but it didn't last. The next week, you would still find me tirelessly looking for an outfit to wear because nothing seemed to work for long. The same outfit that I was so excited to buy one day became the same outfit that would stay in my wardrobe forever because suddenly, I didn't look great in it. This went on for years to the point where it made me feel less about myself and made me feel like I didn't have the right body. Even though I had watched videos on YouTube and tried a ton of DIYs, something was still missing....


                                attending a style webinar some years later, and one thing led to another. I started looking into Personal Styling, and this changed the entire game for me. I began to understand that I was doing it all wrong. I started to understand my unique body type and why certain clothes never looked good on me. I realized that nothing worked because I was using someone else's template for myself. So, I started to understand how to create my unique polished looks, and ultimately, I created a unique Personal Style and now on a mission to help women like you achieve same.

I remember

I Spent So Many Years Feeling Less Than....

Some years ago, while struggling with my personal style.

If Not Now, When?

In life, we face a handful of truly life-changing choices.
If you're ready, this choice can help you dive deep into what your style is, help you express it and give you the confidence to show up as your most stylish, attractive self.

Forget what they said..

Marriage shouldn’t “humble” you

Childbirth shouldn’t “humble” you

Hustle/ work/ Adulthood shouldn't "humble" you
But only you can make that decision. Only you know if it's time.
If you've read this far, I suspect it's time to make a change.

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