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Your Presence is Your Power

If there's one thing everyone has, regardless of age, race, background, it is a presence, a certain air or aura that naturally follows them. And if there's one thing every influential and successful female leader has is a powerful presence and a distinct personal style. What this shows is that leadership, influence and charisma just don't come naturally to people, it is something that is learned and mastered through personal style. This is why I spend my days teaching mid-senior level female executives like you how to present themselves in a refined and powerful way that expands their confidence and opens them up for success.

Let's start here

I am Olere Odior, a style expert and coach with experience of nearly half a decade. I help women in career and business reach their full potential through creating/refining their personal style.  I have coached top female professionals across multiple sectors to build a style unique to them that showcases them as their best selves, accentuates their unique personality and individuality and presents them as powerful, assured, and confident
Now I want to help you achieve the same and even much more.

style expert conducting a colour analysis test

           can buy clothes. but style, that's something you'll have to build




I've had my fair share of identity crises. I hid in the shadows and was never confident because I knew I could be more, but I just didn't know how. I saw and encountered good-looking women, and I just wished I could look like them. I thought it was because they had certain pieces of clothing, so i got stuck in the rut of constantly shopping, yet never satisfied with what i saw in the mirror....
style expert and personal stylist, style coach in nigeria


having a signature style that not only makes you feel confident in yourself, but stands you out from the crowd, and presents you as competent, knowledgable, and gives you the audacity to make an impact in your career and life.

style expert, personal stylist, styling client
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Over the past  4 years,

I've helped women like you achieve these kinds of results....

I have a timeless guide now for what works for my body type. Her teaching was very detailed, very thorough and very enlightening.

- Yemisi Agoro

style expert, helping women achieve a unique style
I was confused and at some point, reluctant to go anywhere until I took her program. Her personalised look book, literally saved my life.

- Emy Udezi

 style coach in nigeria giving women confidence
Working with Olere was an absolute delight. She's professional, knowledgeable, and gets the job done. Would recommend her 100%.

- Joke Pearl

 personal stylist giving women results


Now it's your 

You've been trying so hard to figure it out on your own. It's time to rely on a proven system that is sure to transform, elevate, and refine your style in weeks. 

The Problem.. not that you are a bad dresser, neither is it that you do not have enough clothes, or that there's something wrong with your body. The problem is not even that you do not have style. But do you want to hear the one single problem?

You just happen to be combining the wrong pieces but that's about to change.

stylist working on style elements
style expert, working on colour analysis for client.

I know what you've been told...

but your best                 isnt Black. How many times did you see a lovely piece on someone else, but when you buy the same thing, it doesn't look good on you? So, you stare hard and long at the mirror, but still, you just can't place your hands on what could be wrong. You've lost count, haven't you? That's because you shine wholly and effortlessly when you wear the specific colours designed for your unique skin tone. My colour analysis technique will give you insights into what colours flatter you the most



make the mistake

of assuming your talent, expertise, or brians ALONE will speak for you or grant you access to high places. People SEE you before they HEAR you. Why give someone the power to define you when you have control over your appearance and how you are percieved?

style expert working on computer

I have created a sure-fire strategy 

to help you clarify, rebrand and communicate your online presence in a way that presents you as an authority in your niche acrosss platforms by leveraging on your unique personal style, brand, and industry. So whether you are a coach, a professional, a trainer, consultant, etc.. I created a solution just for you!


you've tried...

doing it yourself, you've probably watched tons of videos on Instagram and Youtube, youve searched frequently on Google but nothing seems to be giving you a lasting, practical, and transformational results. So say to yourself

personal stylist working on clients body type

I will...

...focus on my appearance when I have the time

I'll hire the right person to help me improve my dressing when I have enough money

My kids are still little, I'll get myslf back when they are a bit grown

Work has been hectic lately, I'll fix my style when things settle a bit

When I have the money, I'll buy more clothes that'll fit me well 

But what if I told you...


changes until...

You take a stand.

There never will be enough time. You only have time for what you prioritise.

Nor enough money (no matter how much you make, there is always something to spend on).

Time will pass you by if you keep waiting until the children are grown (news flash: just because they’re grown, it doesn’t mean you’re rid of them) or until things settle down at work (they never will)

style expert helping women find their unique style

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The woman you want to be is within reach but only you can take the chance.

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